Special Districts & Wastewater Treatment Appraisal Services

Waste Water Treatment Plant Asset Appraisal ServicesValuations Northwest provides expertise in valuating Special Districts and Wastewater Treatment Plants, including complete process appraisals.

No two Wastewater Treatment plants are identical. They are engineered and built specifically for the area of use, water table, water availability, population, special industry uses and specific water/mineral concentrations, etc.. We appraise the entire plant processes to give you the most detailed reports possible. Going to a book and looking up the MGD for a total dollar number isn't good enough.

Fire Districts utilize specialized tools and equipment in performance of their work. Damage or loss of an item would need verification of specification for accounting and potential claims. Our Fixed Asset Equipment Valuation will provide a 3rd party verification of ownership.

Areas of proficiency are: Fire Districts, Electrical, Transportation, Domestic Water Treatment, Irrigation, plus Ports and Harbors.



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