Asset Management Software

Easy-to-learn database programs are available to keep your inventory current by recording additional assets, deleting and making changes to existing assets.


Our software has been created for City, County and School District organizations to update their asset listing after Valuations Northwest has done an initial appraisal. Utilizing the full-speed, flexibility of the familiar Windows® environment, we offer a true relational database system, offering:

  • Easy-to-use data input screens with drop-down lists
  • A variety of report formats, including one room per page listing
  • Reports format and print to any installed printer
  • Flexible asset Queries and Filters to quickly find specific information
  • Toll-free telephone support

Fixed Asset Software Program Features

Our program has the following special features that make it a simple task to establish and maintain an inventory to meet or exceed the requirements of your Property Accounting and Fire Insurance plans.

  • Detailed inventory is immediately available on your computer. There is no longer any need for cryptic abbreviations. A record layout description can be provided so data files may be accessed by other programs.

  • Class coding of all assets, according to Valuations Northwest’s established code, lists items in logical order.

  • Insurance related values include new replacement cost, insurance depreciation, policy rating codes and deductions for exclusions.

  • Property accounting information includes original cost, acquisition month, year and estimated useful life. Capitalization cutoff amount is set, or adjusted, by the client as needed. Accumulated depreciation amounts will show in the Fund Code report.

  • Entry and Edit function allows editing of all fields of an asset.  There is a provision for easy replication when entering like data.  An automatic entry and pricing option for 500 common items of school equipment allows entry of only quantity and special code for each item.

  • Search and Replace function enables you to make changes to numerous records simultaneously.

  • Report by Location allows you to select a specific record, or print an entire asset file. Printing of an entire file will also provide a Recapitulation of Insurable Cost and Total Cost at each location. All reports may be sent to disk, display or printer.

  • Report by Class Code shows the entire file or selected class codes.  All reports may be printed to fit 8.5"x11" standard paper or 132 column wide format.

  • Report by Fund Code allows assets to be sorted by funding source and includes accounting depreciation values and fund totals.

  • Accounting values appear in reports when total extended cost is over the cutoff amount for capitalization.

  • Audit Trail reports show a history of file maintenance by month along with an optional report showing the history of changes by location.

  • Equipment Replacement Forecast report by classcode shows which equipment items will have reached, or have already reached, their expected useful lives for a specified year.