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We believe that our appraisal methodology is far superior to our National Competitors, and is available at a price that is competitive with any other professional USPAP certified appraisal company.

Our 35 years of appraisal experience has taught us that integrity is not just a word, it's an ideal; going the extra mile to make sure your insurance appraisal are done right, the first time.
You may presently have buildings that are under-insured, over-insured, mis-stated square footage, missing COPE information; this needs to be correct to properly manage your risk exposure. Valuations Northwest will verify, and/or fix your Statement of Values (SOV's) so you can make the best business decisions, in respect to insurance purchasing and property accounting. The most accurate and complete SOV's give you the best rates from your Insurance Broker or Underwriter.

Our Specialty is finding buildings and structures that should be on the SOV's, but are not listed. Our last Insurance Pool valuation of $512 million dollars resulted in finding $100 million dollars of insurable buildings and 400,000 square feet of missing building space.

Our appraisal service methodology is a detailed on-site analysis of 20+ building components from the foundation, to the roof of each building and each section of each building. We field inspect, physically measure and do a walk-thru of every building to calculate square footage and produce an easy to read and an understandable construction report. Digital images, site maps of buildings and GPS coordinates are included in our reports.

Our values represent Cost of Reproduction New (or New Replacement Cost). We show Insurance Depreciation Value (or Actual Cash Value). Policy Exclusions are appraised separately so that the Insurable Values are included for each property. And, Original Cost (or Historical Cost) is included at no additional cost.


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